Safely eject your flash drive with Windows 10

Do you know that how every tech expert in your life told you how important it was to eject a flash drive safely before pulling it out of your PC?

While the arrival of USB drives, you are warned to remove it safely by using the correct method in Windows rather than just pull it out, but now this changed.

Windows 10


Microsoft has confirmed for the last time that in Windows 10 you don’t have to worry about ejecting a flash drive. Windows 10 has a feature named ‘quick removal’ that lets you pull a drive anytime. It is now the default setting for each new drive you plug in according to Microsoft’s own support guidance. Basically, ‘quick removal’ keeps Windows from constantly trying to write to a flash drive, which could help in the event to disconnect it. The drives can be quickly and easily pulled out of your computer without having to worry about losing important files.

Keeping your drive safe since Windows 7

Microsoft flipped this switch back in October when edition 1809 was begun taking off, so this won’t be a declaration for each user. It happened because the company’s notified IT professionals that the update is being deployed more broadly. Earlier, the companies had protected to keep your flash drives safe since Windows 7.

However, it is also true that Microsoft was sending mixed messages about the need of safely removal drives for a while. The operating system definitely features a vestigial ‘Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media’ feature. So now, the process of safely ejecting a flash drive can be one of the best things.

Safely removal of drive in Windows allows you to optimize your drive for quick removal or to improve performance. By default, Windows 10 safety removal of drive optimizes it for the quick removal.

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