Steps to Download, install and Activate Norton Setup –

Safe web browsing, secure file transfers, safe online transactions, and virus-free downloads are some of the major challenges for every computer user. To help these users deal with these challenges, Norton offers a wide range of security software that delivers world-class protection to the devices. This protection is required to prevent the occurrence of dangerous online threats (viruses, Trojans, spyware, spamware, etc.) and to fool the cybercriminals.

Every Norton antivirus is developed with the latest technology and updated regularly to bring in new virus definitions that help in detecting the viruses. To unveil the superpower of Norton anti-viruses, you need to download, install, and activate them via

Essential checks to perform before you download Norton Setup via

Keep these points in your mind to ensure the successful installation of Norton setup on your Windows or Mac device:

Storage space- Check out the system specifications listed with the Norton antivirus you are planning to purchase. Get started with download only if your system has sufficient storage space. Else, delete some large files or uninstall some unimportant software from your computer system.

Uninstall the antivirus, if any- If you are using any other antivirus on the same device then uninstall that first from the control panel. After the successful un-installation, begin downloading the Norton setup. Please note that two anti-viruses on a single device may raise software conflict and other installation errors.

Internet connection- For downloading, installing, and activating Norton Setup, you need an uninterrupted internet connection. If you have high-speed Wi-Fi connection then start with it, else, try doing the same via a LAN connection.

Check system specifications- In addition to the storage space, your device should also meet the other specifications such as a particular operating system version, RAM, and more.

Updated software and applications- All software and applications including the operating system should be up-to-date to their latest version.

How to download, install, and activate Norton Setup?

After you verify the pre-requisites, keep the 25-digit Norton activation key handy by redeeming it either from your email ID (provided during the online purchase from the official website of Norton) or from the backside of the installation CD you have received with the offline purchase. Now, do the following to ensure successful installation and activation of your Norton setup:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the 25-digit Norton product key
  3. Login to your existing Norton account or create a new account
  4. Download the Norton setup
  5. For installation, double-click the Norton setup
  6. You will see an installation wizard
  7. Hit Next
  8. Now, check the license terms and conditions
  9. Agree to these conditions and proceed
  10. Click Install

After the download and installation finishes, you must activate the Norton setup to allow it to scan your device for protecting it against all sorts of online threats and cyber attacks. Do the following to activate Norton antivirus:

  1. Open your installed Norton product
  2. From the menu, open Subscriptions
  3. Now, provide the unique and valid Norton activation code
  4. Click Activate
  5. Your system is now protected!

Why create Norton account?

Creating Norton account is recommended because of the following reasons:
  1. To download the Norton setup from norton com setup 
  2. To check your purchased subscription details
  3. To manage and organize your subscription details
  4. To add or delete a computer system (Valid if you have purchased the Norton antivirus for more than one device)
  5. To add or change the payment details (credit or debit card)
  6. To enable or disable auto-renewal
  7. To reinstall your Norton subscription (Valid if your existing Norton antivirus doesn’t function properly or if you move to a new computer system and want your existing subscription to be installed on this device)
While performing downloading, installation or activation through, if any technical glitch occurs then feel free to contact Norton customer support team for the immediate assistance.

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