Look up before making card payments! Even the offline threats are risking

With the released data of Norton security, you must stay alert while making card payments or use Norton setup for secured payments. As the report says, the season is changing and everybody is starting to add items to their online cart to grab new collections. Meanwhile, people are ignoring the most important thing during shopping. It is their data privacy!


Using cards for payments is indeed a quick way to complete transactions but if you think online shopping is safe, then you are wrong. As per norton.com/setup, a major uptick in form jacking muggings is recorder lately, and users accounted to several popular sites.

The tact of stealing card or account details is nothing new and users are still becoming the victim of this old hacking approach. Now, the concern is how to keep ourselves protected. Not to be mentioned, but Norton setup has developed an array of product just to protect users against such happenings.

www.norton.com/setup to knock off Form jacking  

The basic functionality of Form jacking is to inject malicious JavaScript code to the website so the cyber crooks can steal your credit card details and other sensitive information through payment forms while you checkout on an e-commerce site.

With recent campaigns by Norton setup shows interesting results as they are large, complex, and have increased linearly since the middle of August 2018. Form jacking works in three simple steps-

  1. Cyber criminal malicious JavaScript code to the targeted web page
  2. Uses visits the page and complete the payment form
  3. When users complete the process and submit the form, a copy of all the transaction detail along with card number and other information is also sent to the attacker

Install Norton setup from www.norton.com/setup

However, you can beat the trick by installing Norton setup. It is necessary to install a licensed product version, which can be downloaded from www.norton.com/setup. Once you download and install Norton setup, turn on internet security and firewall settings, you are all set to go.


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