Huawei files a legal petition against the ban on their products in US

The lawmakers of the United States of America has waged a war against Huawei across the globe as they are hell-bent on cracking down hard on Huawei to prove their misconducts of sharing customer data of allies countries with the Chinese Government. While some of the America’s allies countries reject the US arguments that the company poses any security threats.

The US Intelligence officials have revealed their suspicions that Huawei, a telecommunication giant, could possibly be exploited by the Chinese Communist Government for espionage, imposing a grave national security threat at the times when the US is building its Next-Generation 5G wireless network.



To counter this emerging threat, the Trump administration has already declared complete ban on the use of Huawei’s products, while the US Department of Justice has accused the company’s Chief Financial officer of violating the US sanctions on Iran and the company itself charged with the allegations of stealing trade secrets.

However, the company’s response has been simple by denouncing these charges and saying that their products are not a security threats. Most notably, the company’s spokespersons have argued that the US Officials has not provided any solid evidence of its illegitimate connections with the Chinese Government as their claims are completely based on suspicions. In addition, they suggested practicing different methods to reduce risk factors related to data security, similar to ones that have been successfully carried out in the allies’ countries. The spokespersons have even gone to the lengths of calling the US Government “Hypocritical” for accusing China of espionage on the basis of suspicions, while the US National Security Agency itself is accused several times of spying all over the globe. The company has also denounced any criminal offenses against them.

Huawei filed a petition, asking the court to play a more constructive role in investigating the truth that the US Government’s decision to put a ban on Huawei products is illegitimate. Huawei’s rotating Chairman stated that they have no other option but to file a legal petition as they fail to convince the US Lawmakers that their products are safe for everyone in terms of privacy and security.

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