Find the fix if your Norton Core router suddenly stops working

Norton antivirus is a widely known product used for the security of the devices and data stored in it. Now with the modification in the methods of connecting to the internet, most of the users now own their personal Wi-Fi router, which is again a topic of concern. When you connect with unsecured wireless or public network, it is possible that the device you are using may get infected or even gets potentially damaged.

With Norton core router, the issue of being exposed to malicious sources cuts down. While you perform Norton setup of the core router, you create a password to secure the network, which further adds an extra layer of security.

However, users have faced the problem with the device. When you notice the router suddenly stops working automatically, perhaps there is something wrong with the device, your computer, or the internet. In such a situation, you need to take these steps to get the fix.

How do you diagnose the problem with Norton Core router?

  1. When you place the Norton core on the surface, check light status at its bottom
  2. If you notice no light, check the power cable and the connection
    • Connect the power cable to another socket
  3. If the problem continues after plugging on the router you can report your problem at
  4. If the light is in solid Orange shade, confirm that your modem is accurately connected and turned on
  5. Connect your computer directly to the LAN port your modem-router combo and test out the Internet connectivity
  6. Now, the observed result will change further steps of settings, check which outcome do you receive
    • If your internet connection is working fine on your computer, turn off and then on the Norton Core router
    • If you are unable to access the internet, please contact your internet service provider
  7. If the light is solid white, perform the second step of this procedure

You have now successfully performed all the steps. If the problem persists, you can take action against the problem by creating an account on and submitting the report.

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