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Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware designed and distributed by Symantec Corporation to prevent PCs and mobile phones from harmful adware, spyware, worms, viruses and other risks related to internet. It uses trial and error methods along with the signatures for the identification of the viruses, worms, etc. Apart from this, other exclusive features including filtration of e-mail spam, protection from phishing (the act of sending a false e-mail with an intention to access useful information like usernames, credit card details, passwords and more) are the reason behind the growing popularity of this anti-virus.

Hence, it acquires one of top positions in the world of the internet security software. Norton Setup is available in three distinct layouts; Standard, Deluxe and Premium.

Support for – Setup, Download & Install

Norton provides you with “Graphs Window” option with which you can track all the activities carried out in the last three months. It means you can check the complete record from an application installation to its download, quick alerts to performance alerts and detecting threats for disk optimization.

In the “Graph Windows”, every activity is represented in the form of icon or stripe along with its brief description at the footer. The description includes number of similar activities along with the date on which the particular activity was occurred. Tabs are also available at the top of the event graph to help you to see the details of any event you want.

“Norton Insight” allows you to check whether the file is genuine or not. One can also view the file installation date, file’s trust level, a file’s signature, file’s source, resource and community usage, etc. using this feature. Right-clicking on a file of interest will bring the “File Insight” option in front of you. It also facilitates users to trust any file from the File Insight window on their own or to update the file’s trust value.

The Norton product main window have a “30-Day Report” option which can be opened by the users manually. This will further allow them to check out the report of the last 30-days that includes all the activities performed by Norton on your PCs. The report also comprises other important information like the time when Norton scans your files, runs Live Update, analysis downloads, fixes infected files, logged inactivity and blocks intrusions.Norton support is also provided for mobile security. We will guide you the Norton setup along with the product key in this article.

Norton Product Key

Norton provides complete safety to your devices from recent threats by offering enhanced threat detection and protection technologies. But to access all these facilities, one requires a paid subscription using a product key. And if your already purchased subscription has been expired, you can go for a renewal code.

What is a Norton Product Key?

Norton Product key being unique to every purchase, is an encryption code (set of 25 alphanumeric characters) used to verify whether the user is a genuine buyer of Norton Antivirus Subscription or not. It also identifies the license of one’s product.  The product key is available either on the back side of the DVD case or on top of the box, in case of online purchase.

Finding Your Norton Product Key

Those who want to install and download Norton setup can choose any of the options given below to find and purchase Norton product key based on how they obtained their Norton product.

  • Product CD or Retailer’s card
  • Norton account
  • Norton Online Store
  • Service provider
  • Pre-installed
  • Third-party website

You can easily access your Norton product key by just signing in to Norton, as purchasing your product from the Norton Online Store had already registered it with your Norton account. Or you can also access it from confirmation email.

Following are the instructions that let you find the product key:

  1. Setup the Norton account
  2. Log in to Norton account
  3. On the page that appears in front of you, click “Services”
  4. Choose the Norton product for which you require the product key
  5. Finally, copy the product key

Additional ways to find and access the product key

  • The product key may be available in the order confirmation email or in your spam or junk folder, if one had purchased his/her Norton product from a third-party website.
  • One can also get the product key printed either on the card, kept inside the box or on a sticker on the DVD, this happens when one had purchased the Norton product as a boxed product.
  • One can also find the already stored product key, in case of pre-installation of the Norton product on your device. But here to find this product key, you have to sign in to your Norton account after registering your product with your Norton account.

Now after acquiring the Norton product key (no matter by which method), we will further start with its activation. To activate subscription, download and install your Norton products, go to The activation of the Norton Product key may fluctuate depending on the browser. But first of all, you must log in to your Norton account.

  • Firstly, click Download Norton in the Setup window.
  • Click Agree and click Download.                                                                

Depending on your browser:

  • Users of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser have to click “Run”
  • Safari or Firefox browser users have to click on the “download” option provided on the top-right corner and after this have to click on the downloaded file that you had found.
  • Chrome browser, click on the downloaded files that you will find on the bottom-left corner of it.

Here after processing according to your browsers, click on the “continue” option when the User Account Control window appears on your computer screen and follow on-screen instructions.

Downloading of the Norton setup can be acquired easily just by the following instructions or calling for technical assistance.

Instructions and requirements:

To start the download and install, first of all your computer must be freed from an already existing internet security that is uninstall if any. Moreover, it requires the below mentioned system support:

  • Windows XP and its future editions, Current Mac OS, Android 2.3 and later, iOS 8 and other
  • 150 MB empty space
  • RAM 256 & above

Norton Setup Download & Installation

For Norton security download and installation, you must require a Norton Account and if you already have one then add the product into the list. Steps to download and install are:

  1. Open the official website norton setup
  2. Existing client can log in with their existing username and password and others can click “Create Account” to sign up, then complete the registration
  3. Product Key
  • Reach the “Setup” window and there hit “Enter a New Norton Product Key”
  • Now type the product key and hit “enter”
  1. The “Automatic Renewal Service” subscription will add other advantages. Hence, click “Get Started” to access these or click “skip”.
  2. To register to the “Automatic Renewal Service”, fill up all the credit and billing details and then agree to the License terms and then go for download
  3. Then, Running the Software will let the installation process to start and finish automatically.

By just signing in to your “Norton Account” and clicking on “Add Devices”, one can set up and install some more devices (maximum 10) in his/her Norton Antivirus Security.

Though all the step by step instructions to download and install Norton set up along with product key are provided yet you may have issues in setup, download, install, purchase, etc. of the product. Our technicians will provide the effective and satisfactory solutions to prevent your devices from all kinds of threats as well as they will;

  • guide you through the complete installation process
  • verify whether your device is compatible with the Norton subscription that you have purchased or not
  • Create a new Norton account or log in to already existing account
  • Aanalyze the installation issues and then troubleshoot them
  • help you install the latest OS updates
  • remove any conflicting program

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