8 Commonly asked questions about Norton setup

The Norton setup is the best solution to prevent virus invasion on your device. Norton setup provides you with a package wherein you can prevent data loss and online threats, frauds, and hackers. To purchase Norton setup, you can visit norton.com/setup.  The Norton setup can be purchased via online and offline both. You can get the Norton setup suite offline, by reaching to a nearby retail shop.

Norton setup

The Norton setup is user-friendly, easily accessible antivirus software. It provides a variety of which provides a range of the antivirus products which is compatible with your devices. You can purchase the Norton setup software according to the details for the subscription.

There are some frequent questions raised about Norton setup. Some of them are mentioned below, along with the justified answers:-

  1. What is Norton Core?

Norton Core is a Wifi router that secures and protects your connected home network, while it delivers the high-level performance.

  1. Does Norton setup come in different colors?

Yes, it provides you two colors: Titanium Gold and Granite Grey.

  1. Will Norton core work outside the US?

No, Norton Core will only work in the US; it will not work outside the country where you have purchased it.

  1. Does Norton Core come with a subscription?

Yes, by purchasing the product online via norton.com/setup, Norton Core will include 1-year complimentary subscription to Norton Core security Plus that will renew automatically.

  1. If you are a current user of Norton setup, what happens to your existing subscription?

Your existing subscription will be automatically upgraded if you are an existing Norton customer. The Norton core security product will upgrade to Norton Core security Plus. Any days remaining from your existing subscription will be added to the newly purchased subscription.

  1. What will happen if you do not renew your subscription?

If you will not renew your Norton Core subscription after the complimentary period, Norton Core will continue to run as a high-performance router. Because the subscription is important to the router’s security, all the features from Norton Core will be unavailable if you do not renew your subscription.

  1. Does Norton core replace my modem?

No, Norton Core does not replace your modem, it replaces your router, which is wireless. This wireless router plugs into your existing cable.

  1. How Norton Core is different from other routers?

Most of the Wi-Fi routers are prone to cyber threats and attacks as they lack some security features. However, with Norton Security,  you get smart locks, home security cameras and much more.  The Norton Core prevents online threat before it spreads, making sure that your digital world is safe.

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