How To Troubleshoot Norton Ghost Error ec8f17b3?

Norton is a leading name in the world of online security services providers. It offers a great selection of antivirus and other security solutions that offer high-end protection against all kinds of viruses, Trojan horses, phishing scams and other online threats. The best part of Norton security solutions are they don’t need someone to alert them for scanning the software, files, applications and other data available on the computer system.

It is an in-built function to begin a scan check without even letting you know or without interrupting any other ongoing process on the computer system. You can simply concentrate on your work without thinking about the viruses that may harm your device. Whenever Norton antivirus finds some suspicious activity (online or offline), it sends you an alert. You can fix it by simply clicking over the fix button.  With Norton Setup on your PC, you can also ensure that all the transactions you made online are absolutely secure. Norton also scans every attachment and let you allow download it only if it finds it safe.

Besides providing high level protection, the antivirus may stop working due to different errors. These errors can occur at the time of download, installation, activation or while running this security application. The most common Norton Ghost Error among all is ec8f17b3. This error occurs during installation or activation due to issues like corrupted windows registry, missing file, incomplete installation or corrupted download files.

Symptoms of Norton Ghost Error ec8f17b3

Norton Ghost error ec8f17b3 is likely to occur in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME and Windows 2000 operating system.

  • Frequent Crashing of the active program window
  • When you see this message “cannot complete copying of your drive”
  • Computer system hangs or freezes frequently
  • Windows responds slow to input/output commands

To fix this error, you have to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Repair all the registries linked with error ec8f17b3
  • Begin a complete malware scan for your PC
  • Clean all the junk and temporary files using disc cleanup
  • Update your device drivers of the PC to the latest version available
  • Use windows system restore to “undo” recent system changes
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Norton antivirus program related with error ec8f17b3
  • Run Windows System File Checker (“sfc /scannow”)
  • Install All Windows Updates
  • Initiate a Clean Installation of Windows

If the aforementioned solution doesn’t work in your favor then contact customer support team instantly. The team offers round-the-clock support services so you can call them as per your convenience. The technicians at Norton will be glad to assist you with the best possible solution.

How to Install Norton Antivirus

Norton is one of the most popular names when it comes to reliable security services provider. Be it Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating system, the well-known brand offers security solutions, including antivirus software for providing high-end protection. It targets and removes hard to remove online threats before they even harm your device. On the top of that, it also ensures safe web browsing and secure online transactions. Other key features of Norton security solutions include:

  • Cloud-based controls for updating, fixing and renewing
  • Norton Identity Safe for keeping your online identity safe
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool
  • Power Saver and more

To get any of the Norton products to your device, all you need to do is first purchase and then download, install and activate, respectively. Once you purchase a Norton product, you can download it by logging in to your Norton account. You will be first asked to enter the Norton product key. To get this, follow these steps:

Online Purchase

Check out your registered email ID and you will find an email containing the Norton Setup product key. Copy that key and paste it when asked at the time of logging in to your Norton account.

Offline Purchase

Check the back side of the Norton retail card you have received with your purchase. Enter that 25-character Norton product key while signing in to your account.

Once you download Norton setup, next is how to install Norton setup. Steps for the same have been mentioned below:

  1. Choose any of the option depending upon the web browser you are using:
  • Click Run in case of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Double-click the downloaded file in case of Firefox or Safari browser
  • Double-click the downloaded setup file in case you are using Google Chrome
  1. Click Continue and follow the further instructions to complete installation
  2. Once it finishes, the next step is activate
  3. For this, open your Norton product and hit Activate Now or Renew
  4. However, you can also choose activate option from the activation alert Norton sends you as a notification
  5. Enter your Norton product key to activate
  6. Click Activate

At any step, if you find an error then immediately contact team and get the best solution. The team of certified technicians will be glad to assist you.

How to Remove all Norton programs for Mac?

Norton is among the most trusted online security services providers. It offers a range of security solutions for consumers and businesses in order to let them protect their devices from all sorts of online threats. Norton’s special antivirus solution for Mac gives the users power to protect your identity, ensures safe browsing, and secures online transactions. It automatically blocks the unsafe websites and stops you downloading the attachments that are infected. The key features for Norton security solutions for Mac are:

  • Anti-phishing technology
  • Smart two-way firewall
  • Vulnerability protection
  • Location awareness
  • Confidential file guard
  • Daily protection updates
  • Email and instant message tracking
  • Mac application controls
  • Safe online transactions

You can select from Basic, Standard, Deluxe or Premium Norton Security to ensure complete protection of your Mac. These plans cover up to 10 devices and boost the speed of your device. Be it for installing a latest Norton security solution or any application that the Norton is not permitting for, there are times when you have to remove or uninstall your Norton product. Now, there are two ways for the same:

  1. Uninstalling the product manually
  2. Uninstalling or removing it using the Remove Symantec Mac Files tool

In this article, we will explain the second method, i.e. using the Remove Symantec Mac Files tool, which removes all the folders created by Norton Installers as well as other files that you have created manually. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same:

  1. Download and run RemoveSymantecMacFiles as an administrator
  2. Download the file
  3. Find the icon named “Finder” in the dock to be in the Finder
  4. Go to Menu bar and click Go and then Downloads
  5. Now do, any of the following:
  • If you have downloaded the file through a Safari browser, then open the Remove Symantec Mac Files folder
  • In case of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, double-click the to expand it and then open the RemoveSymantecMacFiles folder
  1. In the RemoveSymantecMacFiles folder, control-click the RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command file
  2. Now, click Open With and then Terminal (default)
  3. In this window, enter your administrator password and then press Return
  4. To uninstall all the Symantec files and folders enter “1” (without inverted commas)
  5. However, if you want to quit RemoveSymantecMacFiles without removing any file, enter “2” (without inverted commas)
  6. This will remove all the Symantec files
  7. When done, open the Terminal window and type “Y” (without inverted commas)
  8. Now, press Return to restart your Mac
  9. Before you press Return, save your work in other open applications

If you are still unable to remove the Norton programs, contact team and get it done by a certified technician. – Norton Setup Product Key

Norton is a well-renowned name among online security services and solutions providers. Norton products are super efficient to find and fix any kind of virus, malware, spyware and other threats. With Norton on your Windows or macOS, you can be sure of your data privacy, safety of your applications along with secure browsing. It automatically blocks the websites that tend to harm your system through hidden viruses that get downloaded when you visit the site. Apart from this, Norton antivirus also ensures safe online transactions by encrypting your confidential information that you enter during the transactions.

It also scans every attachment before allowing you to download it from your email. The best part of all the Norton products is that you don’t need to scan your PC manually after a certain interval of time. Norton antivirus keeps on running in the background and makes you free from the worries of getting your computer system infected.

Norton Setup Purchase

Before you purchase a Norton product, first consider your requirements and then choose a Norton setup accordingly. Also make sure your system meets the required specifications for that particular Norton product you are planning to buy. There are two ways to purchase your Norton product. These are:

  1. Online via Norton official website
  2. Offline through a retail store

In case of online purchase, the Norton setup product key will be sent to your email ID. On the other hand, if you have purchased it offline, then check the back side of the retail card and you will get the Norton product key.

Norton Setup Download

  1. Log in to your Norton account at using your registered email ID and password or provide the required details for creating a new account (new users)
  2. Now, find your product from the list and click download button available with that Norton product
  3. Enter the product key, if asked
  4. Read and then agree to the terms and conditions

Norton Setup Installation

  1. Once the download finishes, next step is installation. The steps for the installation vary from browser to browser.
  2. For Google Chrome- Double-click on the downloaded setup
  3. For IE or Microsoft Edge Browser- Hit run on the downloaded file
  4. For Firefox or Safari- Go to download tab, find your file from the list and then double-click on the downloaded setup
  5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the entire installation process

Norton Setup Activation

To activate your Norton product, follow these steps:

  1. Open the installed Norton setup
  2. In the main window, click Help
  3. Enter the product key and follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation process

At any point of time during download, installation or activation, if you find an issue then contact team. The team of certified technicians at Norton will troubleshoot the error in no time.

How to Open Vault from the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar?

In this virus-prone digital world, every user wants a security solution that can ensure highest level of protection against all kinds of online threats. To serve this purpose, Norton has come to the rescue. Norton, the well-known online security solution provider offers a number of solutions in the form of antivirus, WiFi privacy and more that users can select from.

For safe browsing, Norton offers a Norton Identity Safe, which is a free password manager that ensures safe logging into your favorite websites. Once you get this, you will see a toolbar on the top of your web browser. All you need to do is visit any website, sign in to your online vault from the Norton toolbar and then access or update your login credentials.

Opening vault from the Norton Identity Safe toolbar depends on the browser you are using. For your ease, we have mentioned steps for all the popular browsers. Have a look:

Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer

In the web browser, Check whether the Norton Identity Safe toolbar is closed or not. If it is closed then do the following depending upon what window is displayed.

  1. Create an account on or sign in by following these steps:
  • To sign in or create an account, provide the email address
  • Click Next
  • Now, enter your password and hit Sign in
  • In case you forgot your Norton account password, reset it by hitting Forget Password and following the on-screen instruction
  • Remember that the Norton account password is different from the Identity Safe Vault password
  1. If the vault is closed, then follow the below mentioned steps:
  • If the vault closed window is displayed, then enter your Norton Identity Safe Vault password
  • Click Open
  • If you forget your password, then click Show hint
  • Once you logged in to the vault, the Norton Identity Safe toolbar will display Vault is Open.
  • You can now view your saved logins under the tab “Logins”
  • On the other hand, when you visit a website for which you have already saved the credentials, you will be asked to enter your Vault password
  • Enter the same and click OK

Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

After Norton updates, Norton Identity Safe is no longer a part of Norton toolbar. You can see this feature as a separate icon in these two web browsers. The icon is available on the top-right corner of the browser. To open vault, click on that icon and do the following as per the Window displayed:

  1. If you see the Sign in window, do the following:
  • Type the registered email ID and password to sign in
  • Click Forgot your Password, if you want to reset the password
  • If you see a message “vault is locked”, then click Open Vault
  • In the Unlock your Vault window, provide your Identity Safe vault password
  • Click Open Vault
  • On the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Norton Identity Safety icon and choose the required website